Reasons To Smile

We hope this week's videos & pics made you chuckle! Here is the link to the page if you would like to share with family friends. 


This bed is soft & warm! What's not to love?!

How to catch a cat: Put a box down. Wait...

I saw the cat sleep on this and it looked like a good sleeping place!

This is what I do at work...

It's what they call Bed & Breakfast. And I get to guard my food even when I'm asleep!

Why would I choose the dog bed over this? You know how much I love shoes

I hate how my breath stinks but I don't like getting my teeth brushed!

It's just so annoying! How is this a walk when you're not even walking half of the time?

I'd love a treat right now!

Shall we go out and bring an umbrella or should I just pee here?

When people fart, they have me to blame. But when I fart, who should I blame?

Who's a good boy?

Bengal kitties hug

Mama Tiger cleaning her baby

I'm handsome and I know it!

Babies need a mama

Take me home.

No, I don't mind the cat stealing my bed.

Mum, the cat is being a jerk!

No dogs, humans definitely bought this for me.

Cat says she likes to stretch.

He told me this was nicer.

Mummy, I thought this was my new bed!

Unaware it is the 31st October, Lady is convinced she has grown a mane and is now a lion...

This is the thirteenth outfit I've tried...tell me I look like the Stig?!

Is butt in the pumpkin? This must be the trick...I wanted the treat.

"Phil, why is the human dressing up as a cat...?" "Miss Mew, they've finally lost the plot."

No more jokes about black cats, I've heard them all!


This dog is tending to his flock, one lamb at a time

Hamish, you always try to skip bath time!

You and me, dear, we belong together!

Mama won't let anybody go hungry

When Poppy found this squirrel she adopted him without a second thought.

Are you taking a photo without me?!

Jump? I'll show you a jump!

Huge doggy smile.

Doing his business.

All smiles and bleh


Puppy belly overdose!

This spotted belly and smile of contentment.

This pink puppy belly.

My friend and I are ready for belly rubs.

Weee! I'm getting belly rubs!


Advanced door opener

Throw too far? No such thing.

Feeling the burn, bro?

Oh sorry, I didn't see you there!

This dog

Secret to happiness: An unshakeable belief that the simple things in life require all our attention all the time.
Favourite thing: Sticking head out the car window.

This bunny

Secret to happiness: Getting it. Just getting it.
Favourite thing: Seeing the bigger picture.

This seal

Secret to happiness: Lives on the beach.
Favourite thing: Jokes.

This cat

Secret to happiness: A high-minded and esoterix sense of humour.
Favourite thing: Cat food.

These meerkats

Secret to happiness: Delight in companionship.
Favourite thing: Eating small rodents.

The pug puppy who wants to play with you right now!

The classic kitten surprise

The dog who rolls himself up

Kitten, go home, you're drunk!

The sleepiest duckling

What goes around comes around! FAIL!

This pup just trying to bed down.

This cat who should have known better.


This dog pretending to be dead.

This puppy truly gearing up for failure.

This dancing poodle

This kitten playing tag. You're it dog!

This dog just grabbing the post

This dog who literally cannot handle all the cupcakes

These running puppy pugs

It took this timid feline months to work up the courage to approach the wet-nosed apple of his eye.

This burning love started as mutual attraction when these two spotted each other across the backyard - she thought he was quite the fox, and he found her to be the cat's meow.

These two are constantly biting each other's head off, but they're never able to stay mad for very long.

Convinced that all men were swine, this dog surprised herself when she fell for the family guinea pig.

This pit bull had a long-standing rep as the tough guy on the block. But when this bunny came along, she outed him as the big mush he really is.

This dog was just trying to get ahead so he could help pull you out of that ditch.

This dog was just trying to remind you how to share.

This dog was just trying to be more independent so he doesn't have to bother you whenever he wants a treat.

This cat was just trying to help out around the house.

This dog was just trying to be a gentleman and get your chair.


Sally the sassy pug. 

Man & his best friend. You scratch my back & I will scratch yours..

"Go straight to your room & think about what you have done".

"Kind Sir throw my stick for me please!" 

Does your dog do this?